Project Title: "Dear Nature" 
Date of Project: September 2018 - May 2019
Client/Project: My Undergrad Thesis Project (OCAD University)
Brief/Deliverables: This thesis project was a year long project during my last year of my undergrad studies. The learning outcome of thesis is to integrate research, critical reasoning
and creative thought into a coherent body of work through design. The projects’ end deliverables included an exhibition display/show that needed to include 2D, 3D and 4D design outcomes that captured the intention and purpose of our project.
Categories: Conceptual, App Design, Experience Design, Photography, Illustration
The intent of my project is to address the human-nature relationship in order to teach viewers how to fall in love (or back in love,) with nature by creating opportunities for people to be able
to reconnect with their love for nature. The problem that I was trying to solve was the increasing issue of people spending less time in nature due to them living in cities or not having easy access to nature.

To do this, I created an app prototype called “Happy Place,” as well as an interactive letter experience for the exhibition. The app was made to help you share your favourite nature spot
and to find new ones in your local neighbourhood. The exhibition included a letter writing prompt which asked  viewers to write a love letter to nature after putting on headphones and emerging yourself in nature sounds. Once they are finished they were asked to pin the letters to the wall
to share with others and to inspire.
The Process (Research, Exploration, Concept Development) 
The Making (Final Designs, Physical Building, Etc) 
Final Outcome 1 - The App 
The App Prototype Animated Video 
Final Outcome 2 - The Stationery & Setup
Takeaway Tips
Takeaway Tips
Nature Sounds for Exhibition
Nature Sounds for Exhibition
The Exhibition
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