Dear Nature 
Humans are spending an increasing amount of time indoors and in front of electronic devices while spending less time interacting with nature. This results in a lack of connection with the natural world, which has countless benefits to humans and their wellbeing.
Dear Nature includes an application prototype called “Happy Place,” and a letter writing station made to create opportunities for viewers to connect with nature. I want to inspire spending more time in nature through the means of reflection and inspiration.​​​​​​​
The App - "Happy Place"
Happy Place was made to connect people living in cities to nature near them and to encourage frequent interactions with nature. The app allows users to share their favourite nature spots and to find and explore new spots close to their neighbourhood.
Letters to Nature

The letter writing station asks participants to write a letter to nature and pin it up for others to read and become inspired. This allows participants to take the time to reflect positively on their own relationship with nature.

Letter to Nature
Takeaway Tips
Nature Sounds for Exhibition
Takeaway Tips
Nature Photograph
Writing Station-Write a Letter to Nature

Gradex Booth Setup
Letters Written to Nature
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