Date of Project: December 2020 ( Logo) - April 2021 (Flyer)
Client: Filter Brothers
Brief/Deliverables: The deliverables for this project were a logo/brand design as well as a double sided flyer that the company needed for a mail campaign.
Categories: Logo, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Print Design, Freelance Project
This was a freelance project where I worked with Filter Brothers to create a brand new logo from scratch because they were launching a website. Filter Brothers specializes in all things furnace filters in the Burlington, Ontario area. 
They also were in need of a flyer to promote their services in a mailing campaign which I designed after the creation of the logo. I had a lot of creative freedom to explore and play with designs and months later the companie's website and sales are doing great!
The Process
The Final Logo:
The Flyer:
Website with their New Logo
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