Date of Project: January 2021 - Present
Client: Me! (Personal Project)
Brief/Deliverables: This is a brand I designed from scratch so I needed to design everything and anything you can think of to own and operate a business in the digital and e-commerce realm. Deliverables included: an entire brand identity, logo, business cards, product designs, product photography, print design (stickers, packaging design), social media content and web a shop banner.
Categories: Logo, Brand Identity, E-Commerce, Social Media Marketing, Product Design, Print Material, Personal Project
As a creative person, I have always been very crafty and I have always loved illustration and have wanted to grow my skills. In March, 2021 I opened my first online shop called “Bee and Aster” on Etsy. The shop is still open to this day and has gotten over 22k views and has over 300 sales.

As a new entrepreneur and the designer behind the brand and the products, I have learned and gained so many skills in this field. Social media marketing and digital design, product photography, illustration, product design and packaging design are some of the main ones but there are many more. This experience has pushed my passion for creativity and has developed my understanding of brand identity and brand voices when it comes to communication in graphic design.
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